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ICAROS: Virtual Reality Flying Experience Simulator

Hyve is a Berlin, Germany based VR startup.  According to Hyve’s on-site demo video, the team has been build a virtual reality simulator called “ICAROS” that is aiming to provide users a unique flying experience.  ICAROS is set out to be a combination of VR fitness and gaming device!

The ICAROS is designed to simulate a flying experience, however at the same time, ICAROS is also designed to train users’ muscle, improves balance and reflexes!

icaros 2016

The ICAROS prototype has been finished and tested by the Gizmodo team in Hyve’s Berlin office.  The exact price and launching date has not been confirmed, if any news we will keep you informed.

Raising fitness training to a new level. Designing clothing to be sustainable yet innovative. Reinventing mobility. These were the challenges taken on by participants in ISPO BRANDNEW. Now, the eight winners of 2016 and the German start-up ICAROS as the Overall Winner have been announced.

The camera revolutionaries at GoPro, Crocs with their eccentric shoe creations and watch manufacturer Nixon – all of these are previous winners of ISPO BRANDNEW. The list of brands who have used the prize at the largest platform for sporting start-ups in the world as a springboard to success is long, and the competitors in the 28th edition have good reason to hope for a bright future.

372 competitors from 38 countries entered the race, with one product asserting itself as the 2016 Overall Winner in the end: ICAROS. The futuristic sports equipment is set to become the exercise machine of the 21st century and fascinated the jury with the way it combined the elements of gaming and sport.

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